Giglio di mare

The sea lily

The sea lily is not a lily and not even a plant. It is a crinoid, similar to starfish, very rare and 490 million years old. With a particularity: the sea lily of the Mediterranean helped to build the Dolomites.


The bailout rebreather

The bailout rebreather, a new trend. Thanks to Mario Marconi we retraced past experiences and found out which type of diver it is suitable for. And above all what kind of training is needed.


Cristina, Luca and Asinara Camp

Cristina, Luca, and Asinara Camp: the story of a marine biologist who has combined diving and science and married the visionary project of her life partner. Asinara Camp is the place where a guy can become conscious, safe, and have a profound knowledge of the marine environment that surrounds him.


Travel Pass e Corridoi CoVid Free

Good news come along with the travel pass and Covid free corridors, for who wants to start travelling again and, above all, for us scuba divers, for who wants to start diving in the tropical seas.