The Junkers-52 of Isola delle Femmine

The Junkers-52 of Isola delle Femmine lies placid at a depth of 46 meters. But its story begins on a beautiful sunny day in 1942. It continues in the late 1980s. Its legend still lives on, also thanks to Beniamino, the real owner.


Paralenz Vaquita

Paralenz Vaquita, a beautiful story to tell. A company with a clear and precise mission. Involving the diving community to address indifference and inspire people to talk about the sea. In an authentic and truthful way. To preserve our playground and join the next generation in reinventing diving as a truly meaningful act. Because every dive counts.


Diving at the Lake of Avigliana

Diving at Lake Avigliana. Someone says “nothingness under water”. But it’s really just a slogan. The ecosystem is different but equally as rich: carp, catfish, perch, bleak. But also native shrimp and, if you’re lucky, the Louisiana shrimp. And then a plaque at the entrance to the Tommaso Vescera Diving Center. With the verses of Pablo Neruda.


The 5 quickest fish in the world

What are the 5 fastest fish in the world? Among the marine creatures some species are characterized by their speed. Sometimes man has tried to confront them. Let’s go to the discovery of the 5 fastest fish in the world.