The European SUP directive: Single Use Plastic

The European directive SUP, Single Use Plastic, was born to ban plastic products and the like. With the aim of reducing the impacts of microplastics in the sea. But here we have become the occasion for the usual political theater. Which is obviously delaying its entry into force. And which, dramatically, is contributing to the progressive degradation of our beloved sea.


Diving heals patients with post traumatic stress

Scientific studies, conducted on victims of terrorist attacks and on soldiers engaged in dangerous missions, show that diving heals patients suffering from post traumatic stress. Scuba diving with cylinders could be included as a curative activity, and therefore subsidized by the national health system, on a par with any drug.


The ghost network of Isola delle Femmine

An annoying wind, coming from the south, is making the sea in front of Isola delle Femmine slightly rough. It will certainly make difficult the operations of the team of divers who today will go down into the water to try to recover a ghost net, stranded on a large boulder at a depth of about 50 meters.