Wrecks in Croatia, part two: after Baron Gautsch and Giuseppe Dezza it's time for Hans Schmidt.
Diving on the Haven is always a unique emotion. Her majesty begins to appear very soon with an impressive overview. Bridges, stairs, railings and large bollards. The covered bridge immersed in the anthias and the castle which appears as a huge wall of a palace. The memory of a dive on the Haven on the day of the thirtieth anniversary of her sinking.
A dive in Santo Stefano al Mare. Here, if you are an underwater photographer, an underwater video operator or if you like gorgonians and coral, you are in the right place. And, if you love marine biology but above all if you have a technical certificate then this dive will also be unforgettable for you. It is the Giardinetto.
The dive on one of the best preserved aircraft wrecks in the entire Mediterranean Sea, on the Riviera di Ponente of Liguria, in front of Santo Stefano al Mare, between Sanremo and Imperia. Ideal for divers qualified for deep and technical diving.
A three-engine plane lies 74 meters deep off the coast of Capri. It is the dive on the wreck of the JU52
It is the last stop on the 2018 XR Wreck Tour which brings together a team of SSI Extended Range divers to promote and consolidate the XR Mares movement within the diving community. It starts from Santa Caterina, on the Ionian side of Salento, with destination Marina di Gioiosa Ionica, in Calabria.
The second leg of the XR Wreck Tour 2018 which brings together a team of SSI Extended Range divers to promote and consolidate the XR Mares movement within the diving community. We left Otranto, after the dive on Hadonis, with destination Santa Caterina.
When my friend Giorgio Canepa told me about his idea of ​​planning a week of diving to visit some of the most interesting wrecks that lie in the southern seas of our peninsula, I immediately decided to participate. The opportunity to be part of a team of professional divers with whom to share a unique experience stimulated me substantially and as we discussed the goals to be reached and the divers to involve I began to fantasize and plan this wonderful week in detail.
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