What is
Underwater Tales

What is Underwater Tales

Underwater Tales is a blog which contains diving tales, addressed to people who dive, to people who want to start practicing this sport and to the ones who prefer reading them only.

1. It can provide the diver who loves travelling, with ideas on upcoming vacation destinations.

2. It can stimulate knowledge and the search for new dive sites.

3. It can make marine biology enthusiasts and underwater photographers acquire new knowledge.

4. It can inform you about new methodologies for the professional development of instructors, diving centre managers and diving industry operators in general.

5. It can become a community of divers and a way of generating contacts, exchanges of ideas, links and commercial opportunities even for professionals working in the field.

6. It can be a way for professionals to monitor the market, to find new inspiration and new aids.

7. It can convince lazy divers to take their diving equipment from the cellar and go back to practicing this sport.

8. It can make those who don’t dive anymore feel the smell of the sea once again.

9. It can be an opportunity to raise awareness regarding the wonders of the world underwater to those who do not want or cannot dive.

10. It is certainly a way of sharing love for the sea and its wonderful seabeds.

The sections
You will find the stories of my dives and my trips in the logbook section.

I thought of dividing them by type, based on the degree of difficulty, preparation, certification and depth.

In short, everyone will be able to find the right dive for themselves.

Then there is the diving lifestyle section where you will find news from the world of diving, events, advice, facts, reviews on equipment, safety and nuggets of marine biology. With the column “underwater with” I want to tell you stories, experiences and life moments related to women and men who left their mark and who made a dream come true in the world of diving.

Have nice bubbles and a good reading!

Stefano Sibona
a Scuba Storyteller

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