The salpa the hallucinogenic fish

The salpa, the hallucinogenic fish is a small and, apparently, harmless specimen with golden stripes. It lives throughout the Mediterranean and on the east coast of Africa. It swims close to the surface and contains various psychotropic substances in its head.


The diver’s heart

The importance of the diver’s heart and the inherent risks of the underwater environment oblige us to be aware of our cardiovascular health.


The seven-pointed starfish

It is called Luidia cilaris and is the seven-pointed starfish. Fragile but voracious. Certainly difficult to meet. The beauty of the stars and the number of their points. And the meaning of that 7. The perfect number.


WWF in Portofino

WWF in Portofino. On the Blue Panda, their ambassador boat, to promote the “ghost gear project”. With the contribution of the Marine Protected Area of ​​Portofino and the volunteers of the Reef Alert Network.