The KT of Sestri Levante

The KT is here, in Sestri Levante, in the Gulf of Tigullio. Punta Manara and, above all, the wonderful Bay of Silence give a special charm to this place. Almost like a fairytale. Today, the sea is crossed by small and large yachts. At one time, during the Second World War, it was the scene of bloody battles. The memory of these tragedies is preserved in its depths. Many wrecks of military ships lie below. Anemones, sponges and other encrusting organisms have covered them, giving them a new life.


The European SUP directive: Single Use Plastic

The European directive SUP, Single Use Plastic, was born to ban plastic products and the like. With the aim of reducing the impacts of microplastics in the sea. But here we have become the occasion for the usual political theater. Which is obviously delaying its entry into force. And which, dramatically, is contributing to the progressive degradation of our beloved sea.