The 5 quickest fish in the world

What are the 5 fastest fish in the world? Among the marine creatures some species are characterized by their speed. Sometimes man has tried to confront them. Let’s go to the discovery of the 5 fastest fish in the world.

The speed. The fastest men in the world. It is a race, the queen race. For which the whole world stops, for about ten seconds. Carl Lewis, Usain Bolt. Legends able to run, for a few moments, at almost 50 kilometers per hour. Sinuous bodies, elastic muscles and gazelle-like legs. For a few days the fastest in the world has been a young man who grew up on Lake Garda. He wears the blue jersey and played the Mameli anthem at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium.

I 5 pesci più veloci al mondo

But what are the fastest fish in the world?

Among the creatures of the animal world, some species stand out for their speed. For some of them real competitions are organized. Horses, greyhounds, ostriches.

Sometimes man has tried to confront them, losing inexorably.

An American football player, Brian Habana, challenged a cheetah in 2007, starting with a small lead. He was caught up in a few meters and lost inexorably.

Filippo Magnini competed against two dolphins. Leaving well in advance, he was joined by the two bottlenose dolphins with a pair of flippers.

Michael Phelps tried it with sharks. With the same miserable result.

But are sharks and dolphins the fastest fish in the world?

Apparently not !!! 

I 5 pesci più veloci al mondo

The 5 fastest fish in the world

So let’s go to the discovery of the 5 fastest fish in the world. And let’s introduce them as we were ready to attend an Olympic final. With their characteristics, their muscular structure, their nutrition. And their qualifying time.

The swordfish

Famous for its upper jaw, similar to a sword, flattened and sharp. It is one third of its body long.

Swordfish is one of the largest bony fish. It reaches a maximum length of over 5 meters and a weight that abundantly exceeds 400 kilograms. It does not like cold seas, it prefers temperatures close to 22 degrees. It is a constant presence in the Mediterranean Sea. It feeds mainly on mackerel, barracuda and hake. Its meats are highly prized, even though they contain high levels of heavy metals.

Bluefin tuna reaches a speed of 75 kilometers per hour

I 5 pesci più veloci al mondo
Bluefin tuna

A massive fish that exceeds three meters in length and a record weight of 725 kg. His body is sinuous, muscular and elastic. In short, a physique of a true sprinter.

It also does not like cold waters and is particularly widespread in tropical, sub tropical and temperate seas. It feeds on blue fish and its very tender meats are highly sought after.

It can exceed 80 kilometers per hour.

I 5 pesci più veloci al mondo
The blue marlin

Together with the fisherman Santiago he is the protagonist of Ernest Hemingway’s “old man and the sea”.

It has a wonderful livery, bluish gray on the back and white on the belly and sides. A prodigious beast of enormous size, up to 5 meters in length and over 900 kg in weight. His favorite dishes are squid, tots and cuttlefish.

It can be confused with swordfish. In reality it looks a lot like it even if the blue marlin has a more sinuous body. Its sword is round and its dorsal fin is much longer.

It prefers warm waters and despite its massive size its body is very delicate, with low environmental adaptability. Widespread in the tropical and equatorial belts, in Europe it has been reported at the most in the warm temperate waters of northern Spain. Its meats are very tasty even if less commercialized than those of the swordfish cousin.

It easily exceeds the speed of 85 kilometers per hour.

I 5 pesci più veloci al mondo
The mako shark

It is impossible not to be struck by its perfection. Tapered, hydrodynamic. Without a part of the body that may appear superfluous, from the tip of the muzzle to the tail. It is the equivalent of Ferrari: fast and powerful. It is capable of traveling over 3,000 kilometers at an average speed of 50 kilometers per hour. Thanks to its agility it is a multipurpose fish, capable of leaping over 8 meters, with the whole body out of the water.

The mako shark is also a world movie star. He is the protagonist of the poster of the famous Spielberg film. And he is also Fiocco, one of the three vegetarian sharks that accompany Marlin “in search of Nemo”.

He reaches speeds of over 100 kilometers per hour.

I 5 pesci più veloci al mondo

Equipped with an elongated and compressed body on the sides, it has a dark livery and a light belly. It is said that he can change color according to his mood.

However, what immediately catches the eye is its long dorsal fin, which can measure even more than one and a half meters in length.

Its prominent jaw is also notable. Which extends into a long and thin rostrum that is used as a spear to slice through the water and strike with extreme violence. Its pectoral fins are very long and have the classic sickle shape. Typical of the predator. Sardines, anchovies, octopuses and squid tremble as they pass.

It is a stealthy and very fast fish, over three meters long. It seems it can exceed the speed of 110 kilometers per hour!!

I 5 pesci più veloci al mondo

The Olympic final

Accredited these days, these specimens are lined up in my imagination at the starting blocks. Ready for the queen race. The final of all finals. The one who crowned Lamont Marcell Jacobs, a big boy from Desenzano del Garda, as the fastest man in the world last Sunday.


However, we still have to understand which could be the fastest fish in the world.

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